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Deepwater Conservation Initiative will focus on adopting projects that will impact the community and environment both in Utah and on a larger scale. A key component for project success will be forging strong partnerships with organizations that share the DCI mission.




Educate the community on current environmental issues and inspire them to make a positive impact.


How Do We Do It? Host regular education events to discuss current topics impacting the local community and the planet as a whole. Suggest simple activities that people can adopt to make a positive impact.

Participating Partners:



Track and mitigate the spread of invasive quagga mussel through the State of Utah.


How Do We Do It? Create a community science project to recruit the local dive community for surveys to detect the presence of quagga mussel during recreational dive opportunities throughout the state.


Provide regular data collection dives by trained scientific divers in each of the five regions defined by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.


Create a Rapid Response Dive Team to confirm presence of quagga mussel movement to new waterways in the State of Utah.



Restore aquatic environments throughout Utah that have shown negative impacts on the habitats and species contained in these ecosystems.


How Do We Do It? Perform regular cleanups to remove items that may be negatively impacting the habitat.


Restore natural features to an ecosystem that may have been destroyed or degraded over time.


Restore native fauna and flora necessary for the impacted ecosystem.



Assist in national and international efforts to protect and restore coral reefs, “the rain forests of the sea”.


How Do We Do It? Provide specialty training for Utah divers to participate in coral restoration efforts on the Florida Reef Tract and other restoration sites.


Create coral restoration dive excursions for divers to participate in coral propagation,coral fragment out planting, and coral sexual reproduction projects.

Participating Partners:

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